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Avoid these mistakes after a car crash

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Car Accidents

If someone crashes into you while driving, it could leave you in shock and with injuries. Hence you may not be able to think with a clear head.

Many people make mistakes in such circumstances that jeopardize their chances of claiming compensation. Understanding them may help you avoid the same fate.

Making an apology

You might feel that you did something wrong to cause the crash, or at least contribute to it. You must still never say sorry or tell the other party or the police about your suspicions that you were to blame.

Attributing blame is the job of the police and the insurance adjusters. Yes, you might have done something wrong, but you cannot be sure what the other driver did. If their insurer knows you said sorry, they will try to use that to reduce the compensation you get.

Leaving the scene or failing to call the police

It is a legal requirement to ring the police after most crashes, and if you do not or do not wait until they get there, you could face additional legal charges. Besides, not all injuries are immediately apparent. So while you and the other party might think you are fine, a claim could arise when one of you realizes you were injured or claiming is crucial to cover the damage.

Failing to see a doctor

Some crash injuries will be immediately apparent. Others may take hours, days or weeks to show. Unfortunately, those can be among the most serious. For example, there may be no apparent signs of a brain injury. Or you might not realize you have damaged your spine and that it would only take a tiny jolt to leave you paralyzed.

Trying to handle things alone

Car crash claims are complex, and going it alone weakens your chances of getting the compensation you need.