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Could a crash during a delivery leave you out of work?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you use your personal vehicle as a source of employment, you essentially act as your own boss. You can choose to work when you want to and largely have control over how much money you make as a result.

Of course, it will cost more money to insure your vehicle if you use it for employment. Getting into a car crash is also a much bigger concern. After all, a wreck will likely mean that you lose not just your transportation to work but the tool that you use to perform your job. Can you count on car insurance for vehicle repairs after a crash in New York?

The other driver’s policy may be insufficient

The driver who caused your crash should have insurance coverage, so you can make a claim for your vehicle damage costs and lost wages after the crash. However, their coverage might be far lower than you might expect.

The state only requires $10,000 in property damage liability coverage. If the other driver doesn’t invest in more insurance than that, it may be a struggle to pay for your vehicle repairs. If you have to replace the vehicle, it will be even more expensive.

Evaluating your personal coverage can help

As someone who is on the road frequently, you have a greater risk than many other drivers of being in a crash. You may want to increase your overall coverage. Investing in greater coverage and also in more forms of coverage, like underinsured motorist protection, can help you pay your bills after a collision. If the other driver is to blame but does not have enough insurance, your policy can help.

You can take the other driver to court

You can potentially help keep your own insurance costs more reasonable if you file a lawsuit in civil court instead of making a claim against your own policy. Identifying and preparing for your increased car crash risks as a delivery driver can help you protect yourself from the loss of your most important job tool and therefore your income.