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Injured In A Car Accident? Get The Compensation You Deserve

Girvin & Ferlazzo is one of the BEST-REVIEWED LAW FIRMS IN UPSTATE NEW YORK, thanks to our track record of recovering millions of dollars for our clients and our sincere concern for their emotional and mental needs throughout the process

You followed the rules of the road.

The other person didn’t.

You were careful when making turns and changing lanes.

The other person wasn’t.

You behaved as you were supposed to behind the wheel, looking out for the safety of yourself and those around you.

The other person, unfortunately, was not so careful.

Because of the fault of someone else, you are now left with injuries that could threaten your long-term health and financial well-being.

So now what?


We will hold those responsible for your car accident legally and financially accountable. You need the assistance of a firm that understands the challenges you now face and has a proven track record of success. We are well versed in the law with respect to car accidents and the procedural hurdles you now face.

We have the skills and confidence to stand up to the insurance companies’ aggressive and intimidating tactics.  As a result, we negotiate from a position of strength – they know if they don’t pay, we will take the case to trial.  Our reputation often allows us to settle cases quickly for their actual value.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, now is the best time to contact one of our experienced car accident attorneys.

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Whether you are in Albany, the surrounding Capital District, or elsewhere in Upstate New York, Girvin & Ferlazzo has the experience necessary to advocate skillfully and zealously for car accident victims. Call the Firm at 518-509-8192 to start your road to recovery.

Girvin & Ferlazzo offers a free initial consultation.  We will assess your case and explain each of the steps we will take to secure the maximum amount possible for your case. During the initial evaluation we will review and discuss:

  1. The accident – Who was involved, where did it occur, how did it happen and who was at fault.
  2. Your injuries – Motor vehicle accidents often involve multiple physical, mental, and financial injuries. We will assess your past and future mental and physical injuries, lost wages and medical expenses.  We will help you to identify and collect documentation (medical bills, tax returns, treatment records, receipts for medical expenses, etc) to help us recover the maximum amount possible for all of these injuries.
  3. Sources of recovery – While the at-fault driver’s insurance is the most obvious source of recovery, they are often not the only available payer. Was the at-fault driver working at the time of the accident? If so, we may also be able to sue their employer.  Do you have a Supplementary Uninsured Motorist policy?  If so, we may be able to recover a portion of your losses from your own insurance company.  Does the at-fault driver have assets? We can search for these to determine whether to pursue the driver beyond the limits of his insurance policy.
  4. How to cover your immediate needs – While we fight with the insurance company, we also help you with your immediate needs. We will counsel you on how to recover the maximum amount possible in no-fault benefits for your lost wages and medical expenses, and, when necessary, secure litigation funding to cover your long term needs while the case proceeds.
  5. The process – While this may be your first (and hopefully only) personal injury lawsuit, we have been advocating for the injured for over 30 years. We will explain to you in detail the process of negotiating with insurance companies, and, when necessary, of litigating the case to trial.  We will answer all of your questions to make sure that you understand the process, the timeline, and what to expect throughout the duration of the case.

Contact Girvin & Ferlazzo today at 518-509-8192 for a free consultation, and begin your road to recovery now.