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Helping Pedestrians After Their Accident

When a distracted or reckless driver strikes a pedestrian, even at slow speeds, the victim can suffer a lifetime of complicated consequences. With so much at stake in these cases, it is only fair that the victim receives compensation that accurately reflects the severity of their injuries.

At Girvin & Ferlazzo, we take personal injury claims as seriously as our clients do, and we work tirelessly to help clients attain their ideal outcomes in their cases. Our attorneys use all the skills, experience and knowledge they have accrued in years of representing the Albany community as we fight for you.

Why Compensation Should Reflect The Consequences

It can be hard to imagine just how costly the full extent of your crash can be. Common hazards in accidents where pedestrians are lucky enough to survive the accident can include traumatic brain injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, permanent scarring or burns, memory loss or loss of limb, but the consequences extend far beyond the initial medical bills. Some long-term expenses include the cost of:

  • Renovating your home or relocating to meet the needs of your disabilities
  • A lifetime of physical or emotional therapy
  • A long-term relationship suffering or ending because of your injury
  • Lost income during recovery and loss of earning potential for the rest of your life
  • Diminished life enjoyment because of your mishap
  • The emotional toll of pain and suffering from your injuries and recovery

An accident victim should never have to bear the weight of these costs, but if someone else caused the accident, we believe the victim should not have to pay for the consequences.

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