Sophisticated Personal Injury Representation For New York

Skilled Representation For Trucking Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you have already been through enough.  Don’t make things worse by taking on the trucking company and their insurance on your own.  These types of accidents frequently involve severe physical injury including broken bones, neck and spine injuries, concussions,  nerve damage, ligament tears, burns, scars and various lingering complications. These injuries will impair your ability to work and enjoy your life for an extended period, if not permanently. That is why you need skilled, experienced, and efficient legal representation to get you back on your feet and secure your financial future. Do not let those at fault talk you into a quick lowball settlement.  Let us negotiate for you to make sure you get every penny you deserve.

How We Make A Difference

Girvin & Ferlazzo can provide the expert assistance necessary to help you effectively litigate your claim against all your case’s offending parties and negotiate for a settlement that covers all costs stemming from your truck accident, including current and future medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

We won’t be bullied or discouraged by the wealthy trucking companies, self-interested insurance companies, or overbearing defense law firms; we won’t run from a fight. We will not stop working until those responsible are held fully accountable.

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