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Seeking Justice After Medical Malpractice

The doctors and other medical professionals we entrust with our health and safety have a duty to provide us with a certain standard of care. When those professionals fail to meet that standard, and the errors resulting from that failure cause patients to suffer serious injuries, an attorney may be necessary to secure the full and fair compensation that victims need to properly recover.

Girvin & Ferlazzo has a skilled team of New York attorneys who fight to help our clients secure the ideal outcome in cases concerning a wide array of medical errors. Medical malpractice is among the most challenging and stressful kind of litigation. Having knowledgeable and resourceful attorneys who are prepared to meet those challenges is essential to getting the compensation you need. Girvin & Ferlazzo has been advocating for medical malpractice victims for decades.

Have Someone On Your Side

Medical malpractice claims demand the skilled guidance of experienced legal counsel. After an incident, hospitals often work fast to cover their potential exposure. They, or their insurers, may try even try to convince you to accept a lowball settlement offer. Do NOT agree to anything until you speak with one of our attorneys for a free no-risk, no-cost initial consultation regarding your rights and the merits of your case.

At Girvin & Ferlazzo, we can accommodate those needs and guide you with respect to a variety of medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or the failure to diagnose an illness
  • Surgical errors/foreign objects
  • Post-operative negligence
  • Injury related to defective medical equipment, tools, or related objects
  • Anesthesia-related errors
  • Unsanitary operating or post-op facility conditions

Our skilled team can deal with the hospital and their insurance and legal team to negotiate the compensation you need and hold the offending parties accountable for their negligence. We can determine what your case is worth based on factors like lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, diminished earning potential, and other key variables concerning your incident.

Let Us Prosecute Your Case

It can be hard, if not impossible to make the best decisions for your medical malpractice claim without the guidance of an attorney. You simply do not hear stories about injured patients securing big settlements by going it alone. Why? Because simply put, medical malpractice is exceptionally complex.

Contact us now for your free initial consultation by calling us at 518-509-8192 or emailing us here, and we will navigate these challenging waters together.