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Recovering From Your Fall

People often underestimate the severity of the injuries that can arise from a simple slip and fall. Fractured arms, legs, ankles, spinal damage, and concussions are typical injuries associated with slip and falls.  These injuries can permanently impair your ability to work, enjoy time with your family, and pursue your hobbies.

At Girvin & Ferlazzo, we know what is at stake in a slip-and-fall case. More importantly, we have proven our ability to help our clients in the Albany area and surrounding regions secure the full and fair compensation they need to cover the costs associated with their injuries.

Why You Need An Attorney

We can provide the expert assistance necessary to help you properly litigate your claim against the offending parties and negotiate for a settlement that covers all costs stemming from your fall, including current and future medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

We are NOT intimidated by resource-rich corporations, self-interested insurance companies, or aggressive defense law firms. We’ve dealt with all of them before and don’t back down from that fight. We will not rest until we have secured the compensation you deserve from those who are responsible for your injuries.

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When someone else causes your fall, whether due to an uneven walkway, loose handrail, poorly-maintained stairway, ice or snow accumulation or some other negligence, we can help you on the road to recovery. Contact our New York team by calling 518-509-8192 or emailing us here to schedule your free initial consultation today.